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From the desk of: Nicole Dean

Subject: Blogging Without Going Bonkers

Dear Fellow Blogger,

You started blogging, because every expert says blogging is the best way to establish your web presence, attract prospects, and promote your business on the Internet.

And they’re right.

But nobody ever told you blogging would be so hard. Blogging is driving you bonkers!

Consider this:

You have to write good blog posts and publish them regularly. Once a week, at the very least. But the more, the better.
And then, most of the time, it feels like you’re talking to yourself. You wonder, “Is anyone even reading my stuff?”
You see other people’s blogs take off. Their posts go viral. They get tons of comments, tweets, retweets, Facebook links, Stumbles and Diggs.You think, “How do they do that? How can I have that, too?”

Learn The Secrets Of A Profitable Blogger

What if you could learn simple ways to keep your blog fresh, attract more readers, engage with them, and gather prospects who are interested in the products or services you offer?

Imagine having a truly successful blog. You…

… never run out of ideas for topics to write about
… write your blog posts effortlessly
… have a number of posts pre-scheduled for publication so you can take a vacation or get sick unexpectedly and your blog would go on making money for you
… attract all the right readers, people who are looking for the information you have
… get plenty of comments on your posts and watch them get shared on Facebook, Twitter, Digg and StumbleUpon
… increase your traffic even if you don’t “get” SEO, much less do it (one marketer more than doubled her traffic just by posting daily instead of weekly)
… have posts recruiting new list subscribers 24/7, even while you sleep

But that’s not all.

You know your blog is successful when…

You become a recognized expert in your field.
People want to interview you on their podcasts, web TV, blogs, teleseminars and webinars.
People offer you review copies of their products so you can write about them on your blog.
Even if you don’t seek them out, advertisers find you and offer to pay you to place ads on your blog.
You sell more and more of your products, programs and services, as well as affiliate products passively, through your blog.


No doubt, your blog can help raise your status and increase your bottom line.

But first you need to publish fresh, high-quality content frequently and regularly.

Stop Being A Slave To Your Blog

Nicole DeanI’m Nicole Dean, and I’m the mostly sane marketer and I have more than a few blogs.

And, what’s most important is, all of them make me money.

Nicole Dean crazy blogger chick


I’d like to show you how you, too, can have a healthy, flourishing blog that’s full of life. And, yes, one that brings you profits.

I’ve been working online from home since 2004, and in that time, I’ve learned quite a few things about the online world and blogging.

… things that allow me to keep my own seven blogs alive and profitable while I work an average of 10 hours per week. I’ve been known to work 5 hours or less in an entire month.

… things that enable me to guest post in 15 different blogs in as many weeks, writing daily for other people’s blogs – and still go on summer vacations and attend conferences.

… things I share in my new program, Blog CPR: How to Revitalize Your Lifeless Blog with Fresh Content.

Here’s a taste of what you’ll discover in Blog CPR:

how to get organized and plan ahead (so your blog can withstand the surprises of life)
how to come up with endless content topics and quick blog post ideas (kiss writer’s block goodbye, oh yeah!)
what to do when you don’t want to or can’t write a single word (by legitimately using Other People’s Content – with their permission, of course)
why plagiarizing yourself makes you one smart cookie (not to mention a richer one)
how to spice up your blog with easy but meaty posts involving other experts and bloggers (and they’ll thank you for it)
why and how to use Private Label Rights content (even if you’ve never considered it before)
where to find done-for-you blog posts that actually make you money (this is my favorite blogging-for-money shortcut!)
a collaborative technique I use, which produces high-quality, unique content in a flash and tons of links from people with vast audiences (nobody else does this but after you get Blog CPR, you will too!)
how to outsource writing and other parts of blogging so can finally enjoy being a blogger instead of being a slave to your blog (you’ll be surprised how affordable this is)

As soon as you place your order, you’ll get access to all these goodies in PDF files. In the time it takes you to read one topic, you can begin improving your blog immediately.

Bonus Time!

And as if that weren’t enough, I’m also adding these bonuses:

“How to Get More Interaction and Involvement on Your Blog”

Here’s the truth: people judge your blog by the number of comments you get. This report will show you how to get more comments on your posts, and how to encourage your readers to share it around through social networks and bookmarking. Let your readers promote your posts!

“Internal Linking for Better SEO”

In this report, Susanne Myers, the creator of “Easy Link Love: A Step-by-Step Training Program for Creating Targeted Links” shows you why you need internal linking in your blog, and how to set it up right – easily. You don’t have to be an SEO expert to optimize your blog posts for the search engines.

PLUS… You will Get Two Powerful WordPress Plugins!

Money it Up Plugin

This plugin allows you to include an advertisement in all emails generated by WordPress to users, guest bloggers, and to your commenters.

Content Uniqueness Checker Plugin

This handy little plugin helps you to determine if your posts are unique enough for you. It is especially helpful if you are using PLR content on your blog.

All This For So Little

Your investment for all this blog-changing wisdom is only:

* * * $27 (FOR NOW) * * *

What a small investment to have a blog that will help grow your email list and ultimately bring you more affiliate income, customers and clients.

What’s it worth to you to have more prospects, and make more sales of your own products as well as those you’re affiliated with?

I’m practically giving this product away, because I want to earn your trust. That way, next time I create another product, you’ll know I deliver the real thing.

Besides, I’m tired of seeing other people struggle with their blogs… when the solutions are so simple, doable and affordable. So I decided on this small, small price, because I don’t want money to get in the way of your blogging success.

What’s more, I’m making sure this investment is risk-free for you.

The 100% No Worries, No Muss, No Fuss Guarantee

I’m happy when you’re happy. If you’re not happy, I’m not happy, and I will do something about it.

If for any reason you’re not completely satisfied with Blog CPR, all you have to do is let me know within 30 days, and you’ll receive a prompt refund. No questions, no hassles – easy-peasy!

So you’ve got nothing to lose.

However, the longer you wait, the more time you lose to bring your blog to the next level.

The longer you wait, the more traffic, the more subscribers, and the more sales you’re going to leave on the table.

It’s time to turn your blog into a lean, mean customer getting machine.

Are you game?

YES, Nicole, I want to learn how to blog without going bonkers!

I want to grab this course (and the awesome bonuses) for the Low Price of Only $27 Today.

Click here to buy now.

This is a digital download (You’ll receive several .pdf Lessons).

You will get instant access to
“Blog CPR: How to Revitalize Your Lifeless Blog
with Fresh Content”
as soon as we process your order.


You’ve already invested the time, money and energy to start a blog. Why let all that go to waste, just because you can’t keep it updated?

Give your blog new life with Blog CPR.


Nicole Dean

PS: Stop struggling with your blog and instead, turn it into a tool to help you become a star player in your niche, build a huge list of warm prospects, and attract paying customers for your business.

PPS: The longer you wait, the more you miss out on the benefits of successful blogging. Start today!

PPPS: Remember, your investment in Blog CPR is absolutely guaranteed for 30 days. Try it today at no risk.

Super Affiliate & Overall Successful Online Marketer, Lynn Terry says:Lynn Terry“Nicole and I have become fast friends, and in addition to being an all-around fun person to hang out with… Nicole is truly brilliant. We talked for hours, shared resources, and even hung out here in my home office (where she totally raided my book shelf!)Nicole is one of those people that practices what she teaches. She is a niche affiliate marketer, and a true online business owner, managing multiple websites in a wide variety of niches. She has a strong sense of integrity, a smart way of doing things, and personally… I pick her brain every chance I get!” 

-Lynn Terry,

And, More Top Marketers are Talking about Nicole on Twitter!

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